The Rieger

Drinks at Manifesto (3-6 guests)

Manifesto is a small, intimate cocktail lounge located in the basement of The Rieger. Join us for cocktails and light bar snacks either before or after dinner upstairs, or any time throughout your...+ More

  • Reservation for 3-6 guests
3 guests
Aug 21, 2017
Drinks at Manifesto (3-6 guests) is not offered for 2 guests. Try another size.

The Rieger

Kansas City, Missouri

We opened The Rieger in the exciting Crossroads neighborhood in 2010. Since then we have worked to play a leading role in Kansas City's vibrant culinary scene, to support the revitalization of downtown, and to honor the history of our building and The Rieger family. Our team strives to provide a unique brand of Midwestern hospitality, and to create what we call "beautiful food for the people." Our work would be impossible without the efforts of our staff, our incredible farmers, and you!